Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh

Healthy competitions between the best ones are always appreciated by people as they bring a lot of thrill. But when we talk about competitions between Indian and Pakistan at any platform like cricket, we see the thrill higher and higher. Both nations get literally involved and it becomes a matter of life or death. In the same way the field of music is also growing up in the atmosphere of tough competitions. Both nations are having wonderful talent in this regard. As we know, Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh with their God gifted voices are doing their best. So, both have a wonderful healthy competition between them by their fans. Here I go to have a comparison of these two singers.

Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh Comparison

Social Media War


Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh Twitter

Atif Aslam’s followers on twitter are 486K, while Arijit Singh is going with 80.5K followers.


Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh Facebook

On Facebook, Atif Aslam Official Page is going with approximately 19 million Likes. On the other hand, Arijit Singh Official Page is going with near about 14 million likes.


Atif Aslam Vs Arijit Singh Instagram

Atif Aslam has 1M followers on Instagram, while Arijit Singh has 86.6k followers.

After such a detailed comparison it is truly clear that Atif Aslam has a great number of fans and followers on social media. No doubt, the battle is won by Atif Aslam.

Number of Songs:

Arijit singh has sung almost 91 songs while Atif Aslam has 29.

Number of Awards:

Arijit singh won 16 awards during his musical career while Atif Aslam has 15.

Amount Charged:

Arijit Singh’s demand for a single movie song is 13 Lacs and for concert he is taking 40 to 80 lacs. On the other hand, Atif Aslam is receiving 7.5 Lacs for a movie song while 10 to 15 Lacs for a concert.

To sum up, we can say that Arijit Singh has sung more numbers than Atif Aslam and takes more amount as compared to him. No doubt, Atif Aslam gave and take less, but did his best overall. He believes in smart work with excellence.

Finally, the conclusion is that both Atif  Aslam and Arijit Singh have become the heartbeat of their fans by the great work they are doing. Besides this social media war when we come to know the very own opinion of the singer Arijit Singh, we feel a great change regarding this competition.

“My dear brothers and sisters, I request you all to stop fighting over me and Atif Aslam. I respect that man as I do every individual musician and artist. And these talks over boundaries don’t suit us anymore. We are young people of India and Pakistan. Let’s not find an excuse to fight with each other. We are the same people divided by some so called politicians all over the world. Let’s become strong. I request. Keep calm and enjoy the music. Music wins over all. Let there be light,” Arijit Singh Words.

Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh live performance at Gima Award 2015

Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh live performance at… by shahbazansari

2 thoughts on “Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh

  1. Both of them are established singers. Arijit is at his best while in melody and Atif at his best when singing energetic, throw required songs ! So , they cannot be compared as to who is better , while my personal favorite is Atif Aslam too !! 😀

  2. Atif Aslam charges around 10lacs per song nd hid concert charges are 50-80 lacs

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