Atif Aslam Tajdar E Haram

As we know, Coke Studio is a well-known Pakistani television musical show which is on air in the mid of every year. In the history of this mega musical show, Tajdar-E-Haram which is sung by Atif Aslam in the 8th season of Coke Studio, is considered as the best performance. In short it would be 100% right to say that Atif Aslam made a history by paying tribute to Sabri Brothers (Ghulam Farid Sabri, Maqbool Ahmed Sabri). Tajdar-E-Haram Qawali has 21.6 million views on YouTube only and its MP3 audio is downloaded 6.61 million times on just SoundCloud.

tajdaare haram by aatif aslam

The Kalam he read is not a sudden performance at all as Atif Aslam told that he had been listening this since his childhood because his father (Muhammad Aslam) loved to listen this master piece by Sabri Brothers and so Atif Aslam felt attracted always to it. Somewhere in his mind he has decided to have an opportunity to pay tribute to the beloved Prophet (PBUH) in his life. He was lucky enough and his dream came true. He chose this platform of Coke Studio as he thought it suitable for this Qawali. No doubt his decision proved very right and got much fame out of his expectations.

tajdare haram qawwali atif aslam

A great fact Atif Aslam revealed about this Kalam or Qawali in a recent interview that it has not been produced by Strings (Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia) but actually by Shiraz Uppal, a Pakistani singer, musician and songwriter as well, Further he said that he planned first to add this Kalam or Qawali in his upcoming album and the music would be composed by Shiraz Uppal. But when Coke Studio approached Atif Aslam for Season 8, he decided to sing it on this platform as Coke Studio is considered best for Sufism. So Atif Aslam talked to Shiraz Uppal and he said yes because he thought Atif Aslam has a good longtime collaboration with strings, and brought the CD to Coke Studio. As a result, selection was done. Soon, we have the modern version of this Qawali and it was fully appreciated by listeners. As the son of Sabri, Amjad Sabri said:

“I really like how the music was arranged. Atif didn’t do badly. I wish he could have worked on his diction a little more though.”

Making of  Tajdar E Haram by Atif Aslam (Coke Studio Season 8)

Tajdar E Haram by Atif Aslam (Coke Studio Season 8)

Tajdar-E-Haram Lyrics by Atif Aslam (Coke Studio)


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