Atif Aslam Song in Raveena Tandon’s Shab Movie

As we already know that Atif Aslam gave a super hit romantic/sad song in Onir’s movie. ‘Bas Ek Pal’ in 2006. The title of the song was ‘Tere Bin’ which remained at top of music chart for several years. A great surprise for Atif Aslam’s fans (Aadeez) is that Atif Aslam is going to sing a song for Onir’s upcoming movie ‘Shab’. Onir is overjoyed for the music album of the movie which includes the well knows singers as Arijit Singh, Mohammed Irfan, KK and Mithoon as well.

According to resources, there was no part of Atif’s music at first. But his fans were upset of Atif Aslam’s absence for the music album. So, after a huge demand and request, Onir decided to include Atif Aslam’s song in ‘Shab’. He says, “it will be an ‘Aur Ek Pal’ for Atif’s fans (Aadeez).

Regarding this news, Onir another tweet is

“I have been bombarded with my fans asking that I include Atif in ‘Shab’ music. Everyone was asking me to recreate the magic of ‘Bas Ek Pal’, so I think I have to give them ‘Aur Ek Pal’. He is going to be part of the film,”

The movie ‘Shab’ is writtern, directed, produces and edited by Onir, casted by Raveena Tandon, Arpita Chatterjee, Ashish Bisht, Simon Frenay, Areesz Ganddi, Shrey Rai Tiwari , Annika and Raj Suri.

He further talks about the releasing date of the film as in the tweet

“We should release the music post-Diwali, followed by the release of the film. It is in the last stages of post-production right now but it’s more or less ready. I am really excited about the film as it’s my most precious project,”


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