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Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani Pop Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Film actor, cricketer and model. He starts his music career from Pakistan but the real fame he got, was the result of his work in Bollywood movies as a playback singer. Most of his hit album songs have been written by him. So he proved himself as a good lyricist as well. He is a true guitarist also, as we have seen in most of his concerts, Atif used to play guitar in his live performances. No doubt, this is the sign of a real rock star. His debut as an actor was in Pakistani movie ‘BOL’ released in 2011. Moreover, we often see him in different fashion shows as model. But the most impressive thing of his personality is that he always proves himself as the best ambassador of Pakistan. Keeping this fact in view, Government of Pakistan awarded him with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Early life

Atif Aslam was born on 12th March, 1983 in Wazirabad, Pakistan. Then he moves back to his hometown Lahore and started his education. He did his matric form Divisional Public School, Lahore. He did graduation from Punjab Group of Colleges Lahore. Throughout his college and school life, Atif had been found of Cricket, He also wished to be a part of National team. As a result of his passion, he was selected for under -19 Cricket team, but he could not realize that Cricket was not his destiny.


Spouse: Sara Bharwana

Son: Abdul Ahad

Siblings: Shahbaz Aslam, Shahzad Aslam, Shehraz Aslam

Music Debut

In college life, Atif took part in many singing competitions on the behalf of their friend’s encouragement. And this made him able to record a song from his own pocket money, that’s how ‘Aadat’ happened, within a matter of weeks ‘Aadat’ went viral online and soon he became household name on the basis of just one song. The song ‘Aadat’ was recorded by Atif Aslam in Mekaal Hasan Studio as a part of a band called ‘JAL’. However the band separated their ways before releasing their first album. That was the time Atif decided to continue his music journey as a solo artist.

Jalpari Album

Atif released his very first album on 17th July 2004, named as ‘Jal Pari’. Before the releasing of this album, Pakistan Pop Music was not growing well. But this effort done by Atif, really boasted up the POP Music Industry of Pakistan. Jalpari got much popularity within weeks among youngsters. The hit songs of this album are included even today in the playlist of our youth’s electronic gadgets (Mobile Phone, Laptops, MP3 Players, and Tablets etc.). The list of songs is given below;

  1. Ab Tou Aadat Si Hai
  2. Ehsaas
  3. Zindagi
  4. Yakeen
  5. Ankhon Se
  6. Aadat (Deep Blue version)
  7. Mahi Ve
  8. Jal Pari
  9. Beeghi Yaadein
  10. Tehzeeb
  11. Gal Sun Ja
  12. Woh Lamhe
  13. Woh Lamhe (DJ Suketu trance mix)

Doorie Album

Every picture has two sides, after releasing first successful album. Atif also faced some criticism, a group of critics considered Atif as a singer with limits. They thought him only a Pop & Rock singer. It was a great challenge for Atif Aslam. He released his 2nd album Doorie in 2006 with a new courage, including some other ways of music. He did wonderful experiment with the collaboration of an Indian Music Company ‘TIPS’. The album brought more fame and popularity for Atif that he got the title ‘Voice of generation’. This proved Atif as a versatile singer of the age. Songs of this album are given below;

  1. Doorie
  2. Hum Kis Galli Ja Rahe Hain
  3. Kuch Is Tarah
  4. O Re Piya
  5. Mahiya Ve Soniya
  6. Maula
  7. Doorie (House Mix)
  8. Kuch Is Tara (Euro Mix)
  9. Mahiya Ve Soniya (Soul Mix)
  10. Yakeen (Club Mix)
  11. Doorie (Energy Mix)
  12. Mahi Ve (Eternal Mix)
  13. Hum Kis Gaali Ja (Dance Mix)
  14. Ehsaas (Freaky Mix)

Meri Kahani Album

Atif kept on moving and his music adventures were also taking place after one another. He released his 3rd album ‘Meri Kahani’ on 18th January 2008. The tone and style of this album was quite similar to the first one. Atif Aslam presented his own sound and it received much appreciation throughout the world. Songs are given below;

  1. Meri Kahani
  2. Kinara
  3. Rabba Sacheya
  4. Mann Hota Hai
  5. Joug
  6. Chor Gaye
  7. Humrahi
  8. Mae Ne
  9. Kaun Tha
  10. Yaaro
  11. Hangami Halaat

Bollywood Career

Mahesh Bhatt, a well-known Indian Film Director, was the person who listened Atif’s unique voice and appreciated him by calling him to visit India. He offered him to start his music career in Bollywood as a playback singer. Atif accepted, did his job well and hot 1st recording for the movie ‘Zaher’. The song was titled as “Woh Lamhe, and received powerful feedback form Indian audience. The most interesting fact about song was that the remix version of this number got more popularity than the original one. This is the way Atif got new dimensions to improve and polish his style in a better way. He made several tours for India in order to sing in live concerts and received admiration form Indians. Atif had been a part of various Bollywood projects i.e.

Hollywood Career

Atif Aslam has been part of noticeable International projects as well. In 2005, three tracks from his first album (Yakeen, Ehsaas & Aadat) were included in the soundtrack of an independent Hollywood venture titled “Man Push Cart”. The movie went on to win 8 international awards and 7 further nominations.

Atif always wanted to explore the international music and as part of the journey, Atif collaborated with the pioneers of hard rock “Guns N’ Roses”. The project meant to create a bridge between the diverse cultures of both countries and also aimed to raise money for different causes in Pakistan by the eventual music created.

The musical collaboration of Atif Aslam and Lanny Cordola has already made waves with patriotic and inspiring tracks titled “Pakistan I have a dream” & “We Will Rise Again”. Speaking about Atif Aslam, Lanny Cordola comments:

“I couldn’t be more grateful to him. As a friend and as a musician… We have these long conversations about history and music and when we played together we had great chemistry.”

Then sung two songs in Mira Nairs film The Reluctant Fundamentalist. His two more songs ‘Doorie‘ and ‘Maula‘ from his second album Doorie have been picked up in 2010 for the soundtrack of the Hindi Version of a Mexican film La mujer de mi hermano directed by Ricardo de Montreuil.

Acting Career

Atif Aslm made his acting debut in the 2011 Pakistani movie Bol. He has also made special appearances in film songs.


Atif appeared as a captain of Team Pakistan in a singing talent show called ‘Sur Kshetra’ which was shot and broadcast from Dubai where Indian and Pakistani contestants were competing against each other.

Coke Studio

In 2009, Atif Aslam made his presence felt in the show “Coke Studio” produced by Rohail Hyatt. Coke Studio showcases live performances of artists from diverse genres as they come together to present a unique blend of fusion music. Atif Aslam was a big hit with Coke Studio fans as he gave 5 electrifying performances experimenting with different musical avenues. The show was able to attain maximum exposure from national and international viewers due to the presence of the superstar. The songs are;

  1. Jalpari
  2. Kinara
  3. Wasta Pyaar Da
  4. Mai Ne
  5. Humain Kya Hua

Atif Aslam was also a part of ‘Coke Studio Season 5’ and the songs are

  1. Dholna
  2. Charkha Nolakha

Recent season of Coke studio was ‘Coke Studio Season 6’, Atif was also part of this season, he sung a hit Punjabi song called ‘Channa’.

Atif Aslam also in Season 8

  1. Tajdar-e-Haram
  2. Man Aamadeh Am
  3. Kadi Aao Ni

Finally the most surprising fact about Atif Aslam is that, he does not belong to a family of musicians and has not got training of the particular field, but still we see him as a most successful singer just because of his true intentions and sincere efforts to prove himself as a versatile artist. His journey is looks smooth in nature but it is not as easy, success in only due to two things. On is hard work and the second is luck. No doubt Atif has both!

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