An Open Letter to Atif Aslam by An Indian fan who is a senior Journalist (Chayanika Nigam) .

Dear Atif Aslam

Apart from your mesmerizing voice and good looks, your dedication towards music and the maturity to handle controversies make me a proud fan of yours. I really don’t mind doing PDA, because you deserve it man.

It’s been more dn a decade that I am loving you. Earlier it was merely a crush but since I started knowing you personally (reading about you, meeting you, interviewing you, stalking you) the affection has turned into respect.

Your current photo caption on instagram– Stop believing in controversies and enjoy music–is enough to rubbish all the fake news spreading around. Your maturity reflects in this post.

You will always remain close to my heart because you worship your work and those who respect your work. I am so proud that for you, your millions fans are precious and you treat them as blessings showered on you. You never judge people/fans by religion or nationality.

Being an artist, your work is to keep doing your work and you need not give any explanation or show affection towards India or condemn the strikes. Because you are not the voice of only one country but many.

And I am sure those who know you personally or virtually, are well aware about the fact that how much you love India and the people. Not because you are earning name, fame and money but because you are getting love and appreciation. It is common sense that if one person is going to another country for work, it is his/her right. Many Indians are NRIs and I have barely seen them posting about the strikes in India or in their base countries. Then why you!?

Let people judge you by your silence but you keep spreading peace via music. These days people are fond of unrest rather than peace. But, we Aadeez are with you and will always be your strength.

May Allah bless you with happiness and more success.

Looking forward to listen you LIVE at the same place where people are raising questions on you.

Chayanika Nigam (Aadeez)

P.S: Don’t want to mention my nationality as you treat me as a fan.

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